Registered Programs

Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre has a growing list of registered programs to meet your needs. Attend one of the programs led by our experienced and professional staff and realize your potential! We have programs available for all ages and abilities so there should be something for everyone. Check out our Program Guide for more information on what's available at SLS FSC.


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Below are descriptions for various Registered Programs we offer throughout the year. To determine if any program you're interested in is currently running, please check the Program Guide (link provided above).

Strength and Endurance Classes

Small Group Training

Ability Level: All

If you would like to belong to a small group who are dedicated to improving their strength and muscle endurance, then Small Group Training may be for you. Small Group Training offers the opportunity for each individual to experience resistance training led by a certified trainer while sharing the cost with others who have similar fitness goals. Your Small Group Trainer will teach strength training techniques and muscle activation patterns, as well as ensure you are using correct posture and challenge yourself to progress in your workouts.

Work your muscles in every way possible in this class designed to build strength, add definition, increase your bone density, and decrease your body fat by increasing your lean muscle. Hand weights, plate loaded barbells, tubing and your own body weight will be used to contour and change the shape of your body in this class. Max 10 per class.
SHED IT! Level 1

Ability Level: Beginner

If you are new to exercise, don’t know how to get started, on your way to a healthier lifestyle, or the idea of working out is stressful and intimidating, this may be the program for you. Shed IT uses a slow and steady approach to both exercise and nutrition. Exercise classes in Shed IT start with the basics of movement and will focus on proper form and safety. The fitness component progresses during the eight week program to further strengthen your body as a whole.  As your physical strength and knowledge of proper form progresses, you will have the chance to sample a variety of fitness classes offered at SLS FSC in a non-threatening small group setting. The goal of the class is not just to strengthen your body but to gain the self confidence you need to comfortably and safely participate in a variety of instructor-led fitness classes on your own. The nutrition portion of this registered program will be guided by the principles that diets do not work and that your body requires proper fuel to be healthy. Meal planning, healthy life-long nutrition habits, and portion control
techniques will be taught as the underlying keys to success of healthy eating. Starvation and denying yourself the pleasure of food does not belong in this program!

Parkinson's and Movement Disorders

Ability Level:Beginner

The goal of our training is to counteract as much as possible the manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease such as   rigidity, contractures, bradykinesia, postural instability, decreased trunk rotation, loss of movement and balance   disturbances through the use of exercise and movement training.


Flexibility Training promoting Functional Range of Motion in all Joints.

Postural awareness to counteract the tendency toward flexed posture often seen in PD.

Balance Training to increase safety in mobility and prevent falls.

Strength Training to improve and maintain strength as well as prevent contractures due to PD.

Core and Trunk Strengthening to prevent trunk immobility commonly found in PD.

Cardiovascular Training to prevent decline in respiratory status.

Large Repetitive Movements to improve movement perception and to recalibrate disturbed scaling of movement amplitudes.

Relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels and improve mood and reduce depression



Yoga Therapy Small Group Session

Ability Level: All

Learn small, safe, pain free movements that build a sustainable body. Watch how the "less is more" paradigm can create an abundance of ease in your life, the activities you participate in and the day to day grind. Notice how grounding your practice in easeful breath can be a touchstone for calm and balance in both your brain and your body. 

With a maximum of 8 participants per class there will be a lot of time for Jill to work individually with each person.

Prenatal Yoga

Ability Level: Pregnant

Through yoga postures, guided relaxation and breath awareness you will prepare the body and mind for the birth, and at the same time relieve the discomfort and stress associated with pregnancy. Beginners welcome. This class is for pregnant students only, this is not a class for couples.


Choreographed Classes

Dance for Fun

Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate

No commitment for expensive dancewear, just a great atmosphere and happy active kids! This recreational dance class is for 6-11 year olds who like to move to music; they will learn basic moves and a dance routine. Dance classes are a great way to build confidence, strength and coordination, develop friendships, stay fit and most importantly to have fun. 

Little Dancers

Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Perfect for 4-5 year olds who love to jump around, move to the rhythm, and be active while listening to music. No pressure or commitment for expensive dancewear, just enjoy the movement and let kids be active.This class is a great way to build confidence and coordination in movements while teaching social skills and cooperation.

Programs - Turf

Level 1 Archery

Ability Level: Beginner

This program is designed to introduce you to the basics of archery with progression into more advanced skills. During these sessions you will learn correct breathing techniques and how to hold a bow while aiming at a target. We have a ton of fun while experiencing a new sport. Equipment is provided.

Level 2 Archery

Ability Level: Intermediate

An opportunity for those who have already taken the Level 1 Archery course to improve skills and take them to the next level. You will continue learning new skills that will help you as you progress. Equipment is provided.



Fit Kids: A Multi-Sport program offered to 7-12 year olds who are in the “Fundamentals” and “Learn to Train” Stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model. Fit Kids get the chance to experience and develop as many Fundamental Movement Skills as possible by engaging in various sports and activities available at Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, including but not limited to the Gym, Turf, Ice, and Martial Arts Centre.


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